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Guide and manage your team’s research

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Keep up with your students’ projects and help guide research progress

Get an overview of paper submissions, project involvement and help keep regular meetings

Keep track of your grants, collaborations and deadlines

A simple, secure system for collating all your research-relevant admin

Get reminders of upcoming deadlines and keep track of grant text and partners

Get reminders of upcoming deadlines and who your collaborators are

See research goals at both the individual and project level

Have all the information you need at your fingertips, to help your lab break projects down into manageable subtasks

Get a better picture of project progress

LabTab helps you keep up to date with who’s doing what, on what research projects

Paper management

See all your paper submissions, at a glance

Get notifications when that paper deadline is due - without your team having to remind you

Track your papers’ routes to acceptance, from preprint to publication


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